Monday, June 06, 2005

Early morning meditation and worship

During the weekend of June 3, I was at a Young Adult Friends Quaker
retreat in Providence, Rhode Island. Saturday morning after waking up,
I spent a bit of time outside sitting in the grass on a braided chair mat.
First it started out with just reading part of Exodus in the Bible. My
copy happened to be the one I received while attending Youth Quake
in December 2003 in Estes Park, Colorado. So anyways, I was sitting
there and reading out of my Bible. When I decided to take a break from
reading, I put the bookmark in, closed my Bible, and zipped up the case.
I then continued to sit in silence for awhile, meditating, worshipping, and
listening to the joyeous squirrels and various birds making noises and
going about their daily lives. This morning was much different than
most that preceeded it. For one reason, it wasn't raining, overcast, or
cloudy. Secondly, the sun was streaming brightly and warmly through
the leaves of the surrounding trees. I don't recall how long I sat there
for, but it was relaxing and invigorating. That one morning sitting on
the grass outside the Providence Meetinghouse, was almost worth all
of the rain that New England has gotten over the past weeks since
mid-April. Too bad the sun didn't appear sooner. That morning could
have instead been many mornings sitting in the grass in silence,
listening and waiting for God.