Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Springtime has come once again. I can barely see through the trees to the house next door now since there are so many leaves on the trees now.

The lilac bushes and apple trees are in full bloom and beautiful as ever. There is that renewed smell in the air, the scent of new growth, life, the smell of rain. The scent of sunshine on the earth.

Back in March, I went to the Boston Flower Show with my father-in-law and took lots of great photos of landscape displays, flowers, and flower displays. That day it was really warm and slightly breezy in South Boston. All the snow was gone and the feeling of spring was in the air.

Soon after getting back to Bangor, we received a few big snowstorms that dumped onto the state of Maine. The hope of the arrival of spring got postponed. This was a disappointment, considering that we had already had a week long taste of spring in mid-March.

Now that it's the end of May, the snow is gone for at least six months. About a month ago I planted some flowers and they are starting to come up out of the soil. The feeling of the soil between my fingers felt wonderful. I even planted some marigolds around the 16 foot flagpole I bought my husband for his birthday.

It's hard to believe that Memorial Day has already gone by, and pretty soon it will be the Fourth of July. I'm looking forward to the American Folk Festival in August, but that doesn't mean that I want the end of spring and beginning of summer to breeze by quicker than the blink of an eye. It seems like winter lasts forever, then when spring comes it goes by too fast and then the same happens with summer. The process repeats itself and the only thing that happens is that we all get older.

Right now, I'm trying to savor the warm spring weather before it gets cold again, which unfortunately, is continually inevitable.


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