Sunday, June 25, 2006

Working at Walmart

Working at Walmart is mundane. It wouldn't
be so bad if I had a different assistant
manager that I worked under for softlines,
or if I wasn't in ladieswear and on my feet
running around day after day. After a while
I begin to feel like a robot, doing the
same repetitive motions over and over again.

I get to do the same things every day. The
good part of it is that I learn something
new there practically every day. The one
good thing about Walmart, compared to
Burger King is that I don't have to worry
about getting burger grease on my hands,
fryer grease on my shoes and arms, and
smelling like a french fry every day when
I get out of work. Plus I don't have to
wear a uniform. I can wear my own clothes.
So if I want to wear my Superman shirt,
I'll wear it. Or if I want to wear my
Cheetos shirt, I'll wear it. The only
part about it that stinks is not being
able to wear shorts in the summer, but
we still can wear capris. Wahoo!


At 5:14 PM, Blogger Peterson Toscano said...

hey! great to see your post. Looking forward to hearing more about your life in the belly of the Walmart whale.


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