Monday, September 04, 2006

Last weekend Rolf and I volunteered at the American Folk Festival doing the bucket brigade. The bucket brigade is a large group of volunteers who wander through the crowds of festivalgoers and carry buckets, collecting donations that help support the expenses to put on this event every year. This is the second year of the American Folk Festival.

In 2002-2004, Bangor hosted the National Folk Festival which greatly helped with kicking off the American Folk Festival.

This year, there was a band that was scheduled to attend the folk festival last year, but was not able to get here as the result of Hurricane Katrina. The Bahama Junkanoo Revue was dressed colorfully with extravagant costumes and carrying french horns, drums, saxophones and some various other musical instruments.

Every year, both the National and American Folk Festivals have been a massive amount of fun, vivid colors, and a variety of music and delicious foods from around the world.

It takes many volunteers and lots of money to hold the folk festival costing several million dollars each year, and hundreds of people.


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