Thursday, May 05, 2005

a said poem: after William Carlos Williams

a said poem after William Carlos Williams - By Jennifer Bishop

i have just
taken all of
your books of poetry
and i'm not giving them back
even though some of
them were your
forgive me,
i was yearning to read more
but i wasn't able to find
any new material
until now.
thank you.
i plan to indulge myself
with poetry starting tonight.
i think i'll call it an immersion
into the world of poetry.
i'll get enjoyment reading it and
trying to decipher all of the metaphors
and what the bards
are attempting to reveal
to the reader.

This poem has been posted on one of Peterson Toscano's websites (www.p2son.com) since Sept 2003. Peterson also has another website, primarily autobiographical at www.homnomo.com in which he does performances on homosexuality and his own personal experience of participating in an ex-gay movement reparative therapy program. You can find out more about him by going on either one of his websites.