Monday, November 07, 2005

Moises Kaufman and the Tectonic Theater Project

Moises Kaufman and the rest of the crew from the
Tectonic Theater Project have decided to perform
The Laramie Project at Penobscot Theatre, and the
performance is playing from November 2 through
November 13 at the Bangor Opera House.

I first saw this performance when I was still in
high school when the Tectonic Theater Project came
to Orono High School, and was sponsored by the
Diversity Team, an extracurricular club designed
to promote awareness, stop hate within ourselves
and the high school, and try to reduce and/or
resolve intolerance and ignorance that was
displayed both in the classrooms and the hallways
of Orono H.S.

Here is what some Laramie High School students had
to say when interviewed in February 2002 (Time Magazine):

"As a freshman at Laramie Junior High School, I was
shocked when I heard the horrible news. It's sad that
it takes a small town in Wyoming for everyone to
acknowledge the abuse and discrimination going on in
the world. Now Laramie is judged as a town, and the
people in the town are also being judged because of
their actions." -Megan Murphy

"The state of Wyoming is probably one of the most
understanding communities that I have ever lived in;
the problem is that people won't get to hear about
all the good things about this state for a while
because of what happened on October 12, 1998."
-Noce Nayigihugu

"It hurts to have negative opinions put on us the
way they have. You couldn't even travel somewhere
without being interrogated by people on what happened
and if Wyoming was really the state of hate crimes
like everyone perceived it to be. Laramie has changed
and will not be the same for me. Prejudices are not
just formed in any certain place; I have realized
hate can be anywhere." -Anna Schuch

"When I look at Laramie now, it looks the same as it
as it did when I was in seventh grade, when Matt
Shepard died. October looks the same now as it did
then, but I know that the October in 1998 left an
imprint of tragedy and guilt on Laramie, one that
still lingers today and one that will continue to
linger for a very long time. The town of Laramie has
gone through a lot, but only the people in Laramie
can tell that particular story accurately. The worst
insult a person can pay in this town is "you're gay".
But yesterday I heard someone say, "When you talk like
that, it's no wonder that Matt Shepard got killed."
When people start talking like that, I know that there
is hope for my town." - Elizabeth Hacker

"Laramie residents are accused of being the "encouragers"
of this crime that happened. Sadly enough, most people
do not even know where Laramie, Wyoming is and yet we
are still being criticized for the crime that happened
in this town a few years ago. Just as an educational
idea for those who do not know where Wyoming is (and
they should, those of you who criticize us!) It's directly
above Colorado and directly below Montana. And those off
you who criticize us, always remember that if it were you,
how would you want to be treated?" - Sarii Crites

"I was born and raised in Laramie, and this is the first
time I was ashamed of living here. Although the Matthew
Shepard tragedy was over three years ago, it still impacts
me. I remember crying for Matthew and I didn't even know
him. Even though Matt died such a horrible death, I admire
him. I admire that he wasn't afraid to be who he was, and
that he died standing up for what he stood for. I only
wish there were more people like Matthew Shepard."
- Laura Leigh Olden

I can remember what I was doing the day Matthew died:
not the specifics, but I was in eighth grade at that time,
and drugged up with some high doses of antidepressants and
that was also probably one of those days that I was
sleeping right through my science and math classes
because of the medications.


At 3:03 PM, Blogger Peterson Toscano said...

Jennifer, Kaufman is one of my theatrical heroes. He does great work. I once saw his play about Oscar Wilde called 'Gross indecency" and the play he director, "I Am My Own Wife."

He is absolutely brilliant!

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