Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Record rainfall this weekend

This past weekend it seemed as though the
rain would never end. Since last week, the (Penobscot)
river that I live close to has risen significantly,
and has again risen even more since Sunday afternoon,
when I was down by the bank behind the senior citizens
apartments. Sunday I had decided to take some photos
of the water, since I had my camera with me anyways.
The Penobscot since this summer has become my gauge
for roughly determining the weather. For a few
weeks this past summer the water got unbelieveably
low and one could see many of the rocks and trees
that are in the riverbed. The dam later got opened
up so that more water was continueously flowing over
it. After Hurricane Katrina hit, and then later
Hurricane Rita, the river rose once again to a
higher level. Earlier today, after a weekend's
worth of constant rain, I went to check out the
water level. I usually notice the level when I'm
out for a walk, when I have the time to do so,
such as what I did today after getting home
from work. What surprised me today about the
water level in the river was that on Sunday
I saw and took photos of trees that grow up out
of the riverbed. They were sticking up out of
the water at that time, from anywhere between
one and five feet. Today I was astounded to
find all of the trees below the water, not even
the least bit visible. There were only a few
very large rocks visible above the dangerously
high water level, and a big pile of granite
square-cut rocks as part of the dam that could
be seen also, but that was all that was
available for viewing.


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